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Thank you for making the
hardest part of our
business easier for us!

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Happy Customers

  • “I love, love, love Sign Tracker!”
    – Steven / Amcoe Sign Co
  • “I LOOOOOOVE the program!!!! I just started in the sign business in January, and the company I work for has been using QB for everything for the last 10+ years. I inquired about checking into using a signage software (I thought, surely there is such a thing?!) So, here I am using your program – and I love it. I really believe it’s going to make things a lot more smooth in our office! Thank you!”
    – Lori / Full Bright Sign & Lighting
  • Joe to Kris, “How are you guys liking Sign Tracker at your shop?”
    Kris to Joe, “LOVE it!!”

    – Kris / Elmark Graphics
  • “I love how freakin’ organized Sign Tracker makes me feel!”
    – Trent / Sign Solutions of Canada
  • “Signed up for Sign Tracker Joe!! – LOVE it!! THANKS!!”
    – LIBGraphics
  • “If you’re looking for a powerful program that easily and effectively runs your company, Sign Tracker is it. It is very simple to set up and learn, and has been a true lifesaver for my company.Thank you Sign Tracker!”
    – Paul Gray / Graphics Pro / Holland, MI
  • Conversation between Joe and Happy Client…
    Joe: How do you like Sign Tracker?
    Mike: You are asking the wrong person, I hate having to have any type of organizational system, but things have run much smoother since we started using it. And it is very easy and intuitive compared to what we were doing before. Russell, the production manager, loves it though.
    Joe: I think I take that as a positive review.
    Mike:I would highly recommend Sign Tracker and your service; it is the best I’ve ever dealt with.
    Joe: Thank you very much!

    – Signs By Tomorrow / Graphic Designer / Gaithersburg, MD
  • “We love the new software it has been great so far. It is evident that you are sign shop guys. Sign Tracker is the most simplified, practical, and user-friendly I’ve seen for our industry.”
    – Integrated Sign and Graphic, Inc. / Lexington, KY
  • “Our company is utilizing the Sign Tracker software and so far everything has been going great. It has really helped to cut down on paperwork and has saved several steps in our processes. Thanks for your help.”
    – Cooper Sign Co., Inc. / Niagara Falls, NY
  • Sign Tracker has saved me time and money!
    “Before I got Sign Tracker I was the only one at my shop that could give a quote and half of the time I just pulled them out of thin air only to realize later that it was too low. I’ve lost a lot of money doing this and needed an alternative method. Now that I have Sign Tracker I have a system for creating accurate estimates that anyone can do. This has save me a lot of money from under quoting and anyone in the shop can give an estimate so it saves me time as well.Not only did Sign Tracker solve my biggest problem with giving quotes but it has also saved me the hassle of all those paper work orders that I’ve been carrying around throughout production. Now its all in sign tracker!”

    – Chad Conger / deSign shop
  • “We can’t begin to thank you for all of the profit opportunities you have allowed our company. The Sign Tracker software has saved us time and money by freeing up our sales reps from doing all the estimates. We currently have Throughbred, but do not use it because it is archaic and not user-friendly. We had tried Estimate, but found there to be a large number of inconsistencies in the pricing. And Cyrious is just too expensive, as well as limits the number of quotes we can do in a month. Believe me when I say, Sign Tracker is exactly what we have been looking for! Sign Tracker incorporates well with the CRM we are currently using and your support staff has been nothing but wonderful in getting us set up immediately. The one-on-one training, as well as customer feedback for improvements is invaluable. Vital Signs Display Graphics appreciates the constant improvements and customer service you provide. Sign Tracker is exactly the type of software this industry needs. From a management standpoint, we are able to view and track all jobs, therefore increasing proficiency. From a sales standpoint, we are able to see all open bids and follow up efficiently to close more business. From a billing standpoint, we are no longer missing or forgetting to invoice customers. Last month alone, we had one of the biggest sales months in the company’s history… and I attribute much of it to the Sign Tracker! Thanks again, we love being a part of the Sign Tracker Family!”
    – Kim / Vital Signs Display Graphics
  • “Thanks to your SignTracker, it’s really boosted our company’s organization and propelled us in our area. We love it. Thanks.”
    – Nolan, N&P Sign System, Inc
  • “Awesome! We love it! We are really utilizing the Sales Module, Estimating Module and Project Management Module. We are so excited about what this product is doing for our company!”
    – Dale, Media One
  • “As the owner of a small, growing sign business, I would highly recommend SignTracker! SignTracker is easy to use, accessible from any location, extremely affordable, and doesn’t require expensive add-on modules. It allows us to calculate pricing based on actual materials (even down to bolts and fasteners if we want!) and labor, as well as the ability to set standardized pricing for common orders without messing with sliding, market scales! A lot of the information was even pre-populated, so we just had to adjust the pricing for our market and were ready to roll. Now, we can quickly and accurately price anything from yard signs to sandblasting to cabinets, manage orders, customers, and production, track sales and goals, and even create pdf contracts, site surveys, or letters to our customers all from one place! In short, SignTracker has been designed by Sign Guys for Sign Guys (and Girls!) and it shows. Both the product and support from the SignTracker team are awesome!”
    – Brett, Owner, SML Signs & More, LLC
  • “I was very impressed with your estimating program and the time you spent explaining all the in and outs of it’s operation. I brought that info back to our shop and am excited that we are now part of your network. Being a salesperson, I am reluctant to have someone or something do “it” for me because I trust my own instincts. This program allows the flexibility to work my estimates based on specific needs of the customer and be allowed to account for the variables. It is a great guide and allows you to double check yourself very quick and easy. I think all salespeople that do their own quotes need this kind of tool and I highly recommend it. It would be a great tool for a shop that has an estimator. Thanks again for the help and I look forward to working with Sign Tracker.”
    – Mike, Joslin Signs
  • “Sign Tracker is awesome! I am mesmerized by just the adaptability of the estimating module itself as well as the overall power of the templates and how well they work together, thanks Joe!”
    – Sign of the Times, Phoenix, AZ
  • “Our company started using SignTracker a couple of years ago and it has really helped the company work more as a team instead of many individuals. There are more sophisticated systems out there but you may give this software a once over.”
    – Chris, Vice President at Ad Display Sign Systems, Inc
  • “Sign Tracker is so comprehensive and organized….it is literally a sign company in a box. As I dig into all the modules it is clear they thought of everything. The modules for project management and design templates are great, we really love it all.”
    – SignMart, Mt. Vernon, WA
  • “I want to thank you for this great stuff you’ve been doing with SignTracker, making the hardest part of the sign business easier for us. You’ve supported Jim Greeley Signs and Awnings, Inc. and worked with our ideas to blend with SignTracker. I think that we’ve found a way to make our lives a whole lot easier.”
    – Jim, Signs and Awnings, Inc., Richland Center, WI
  • “Sign Tracker is a great tool for our company! I really like that there is no double entry required. everything just copies over into dozens of forms, no hassles!”
    – Tammy, All American Tent and Awning
  • “I’m stuck in a bind here…I’m a big advocate of word of mouth business. And when I have a product I’m happy with, I love to spread the word to get them MORE business. However, I feel that your product gives us a “leg-up” on the competition!”
    – Tan Nguyen, Pro Signs & Graphics
  • “I used the estimating module today and it works great! There is a lot of built in pricing on materials that makes estimating very easy. I also like the service estimate — it is very helpful when customers are wanting to know exactly what their money is being used for.Thanks for a great product and answering all my questions.”
    – Marty Folkerts, Alliance Sign Co.