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Sales Reps in the Sign Industry!

April 14, 2013

I have been both a sign shop owner and sales rep in the industry. When I owned my shop I was fortunate to have many really good sales people over the years. We found them in the sign industry, print industry, construction industry and in a few rare cases we had project managers that wanted to try sales and did pretty well. Signs are a custom product, and not always easy to sell. Make sure it is someone that understands the steps involved in selling signs. It might take a little training on the part of the sign shop owner or manager to help a sales rep understand the steps involved in selling your products. From city sign codes, landlord criteria and approvals, design, permitting, and the true cost of making the products. Once they have a firm grip on the sales process that matches your shop, then make sure you have a mission that is clear to your sales rep. Customer care should be your number one mission – starting with the sales process!

Good luck, it is not easy finding and training good folks, but when you do, it will have a great impact on your business.

We paid a small base, usually around $1000.00 per month, then 10% on the cost of goods, and allowed the reps to sell above the 10% if they thought they could get it.

Also, have a really good sales rep agreement in place that protects your customer list. If you need a rep agreement, then take a look at our Sign Shop Starter Kit. This is a really great resource for sales rep agreements, employee handbook, sign templates and more.

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Selling At The Top!

February 11, 2011

You’re beating the streets looking for sign projects and you stumble upon a job trailer at a retail construction site. You wander into to the trailer to find 3 very large construction workers pouring over site plans. You are suddenly reminded of an old western with the local gunslingers leaning over the bar waiting for someone to shoot. You smile and say, “Hi, I’m a Sign Guy (or Gal),” then you ask, “Who makes the decision for the project signage?” “Well,” they say, “we’re not sure.” So, where do you start to look?

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