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Sign Tracker Updates

March 19, 2012

Hello Tracker Friends & Family

We are excited about all the updates in Sign Tracker over the past few months, and hope you get a chance use all of them.  A very special thank you to all the sign shops that are giving us feed back and testing the app.  Listening to our users is helping us prioritize the our feature development!

We are also very excited to announce full Quickbooks Integration being tested with our Beta Shops now.  So far they are loving it!  Just open your Quickbooks and it will take all your contact and job data in Sign Tracker and update it in Quickbooks – with just the push of a button.  So simple I am pretty sure even I can do it!

Updates completed:

  • CRM:  Create groups, send group emails,  associate jobs to companies and people
  • Calendar:  Invite people to meetings, drag and drop events, see all jobs and tasks on your calendar
  • Estimating:  Create and clone templates for all types of signs and service; edit your contract templates
  • Forms:  Work orders, stie surveys, sub-contract agreements and more
  • Job Flow:  Job WIP, easy to use job flow board, assignable job tasks

And More!

We appreciate your support as we continue to build the Sign Industry’s most cost effective management solution.

Happy Tracking!

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Sign Tracker Updates

April 28, 2011

Hello Sign Tracker Friends & Family

We are happy to announce Sign Tracker 2.0!

Well technically it is not 2.0 since web applications are just always growing and changing. Our application is 2.0 in spirit. We have redesigned the application in a technology that is much easier to use and way more flexible to adapt to all types of sign shops.

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