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FAQ: Answers to your most common questions.

Where did Sign Tracker come from and how long have we been in business?

Sign Tracker was started in 2006 as a company within a company. Our sign shop, Sign Tech International was started in 1997 (, and grew to over 10 million in sales over the next 10 years.

We learned early on that we needed tools to manage our manufacturing process, sales, reporting, scheduling, materials etc. In those days there were not any affordable sign company management systems on the market, so we set out to make our own. We created an Excel based system that as our company grew; so did the product. One day a subcontractor asked where we got all the tools/forms and if he could buy them. Didn't need to ask us twice, we packaged up every document, tool, form, manual and template we had developed over the years and started selling them as Sign Tracker.

In 2006, we spun off Sign Tracker for the express purpose of helping sign shops "of all kinds" get organized.

In the years since that first release we have sold over 700 copies of the Excel version. In early 2008, we started working on a full Database version of the program, and Sign Tracker Online was first released in August 2009.

Sign Tracker has since developed a partnership with SAi, the makers of Flexi Sign and, to bring you the most affordable and effective sign shop management tool available today.

Will Sign Tracker continue to add features that will benefit your sign shop?

Yes, being sign guys it has taken a little while to learn about the "web" software industry. We have completely adopted a the "Sprint Based" development model for Sign Tracker. Sprint based development basically means that we are developing in 4 to 6 week sprints. Rather than 6 month development cycles where we try to get a mammoth amount of features working and installed for you. We are breaking those down into short directed sprints.

Some of the benefits of sprint are:

– Only adding the features that you need – no over development.
– Faster bug fixes.
– Easier to manage the product resulting in a better tool for you.

That said... your feedback is important to us!

Are you obligated to a contract or time commitment?

You are not obligated to anything. Sign Tracker is a month-to-month service that you can quit at any time. NO contract, NO updates to pay for, NO fees for support – yup, totally free support!

Is this Web thing really secure? That's my customer information up there after all!

We use the same methods that your bank uses when providing you account information online. The inscription, the security certificates and stored procedures are all there to make sure that every bit of information being shown is yours and yours alone. Moreover, that it was delivered to your browser in a completely encrypted data packet.

If you feel safe checking your bank account balance online, take a deep breath! It's all good!

Does Sign Tracker work on Mac and PC?

Yes. Because it is web based you can use any computer or device that allows you access to the web. All operating systems should work fine with Sign Tracker. Safari, Firefox, IE 8 and up and Chrome should all work just fine.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up, no credit card needed... amen to that! Choose the domain name you would like to use to sign on with every day, enter your company information and logo, add your users and you are ready to start getting organized.

Customer Management (CRM)?

Sign Tracker is a full customer management system that integrates with the rest of the tools to run your shop. You can set up companies, create contacts in those companies, manage groups and lead sources, send out mass emails all on a system that allows you to share with your team. NO more contacts in 10 different places.

Calendars & Scheduling?

Just like the CRM the calendars are shared. You can set up a category for any person or group you like and share them with you team. No what team is doing what and where at any given time. NO more playing "Where's Waldo!"

Job Flow?

Yes, Sign Tracker is a full workflow management system with Job Flow at the heart of the system. You can manage tasks, files, people, notes, forms, designs, and estimates all from within the Job Flow system.


Yes again, Sign Tracker has a very powerful estimating tool, yet very easy and flexible to use. You can enter materials, labor, formulas (that you create using real material and labor prices), competed products for quick quotes that all convert to a really nice contract to present to your customers.


Absolutely, depending on the plan you have Sign Tracker allows you to upload, view and save any type of file to your job. NO more losing important docs, access them from anywhere and at anytime.